I am sub-mortgage broker in British Columbia. My mortgage philosophy is simple; Understanding clients needs and providing the with innovative mortgage solutions to meet their goals for the future.


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The Home Buyer Checklist

THE HOME BUYER CHECKLIST How much can you afford? What are the costs involved? What are your financing options? Assemble your home-buying team Get pre-approved Mortgage insurance Fixed Mortgage specialist Closing costs Variable Real estate professional Ongoing costs Private Mortgage …

Variable vs. Fixed Mortgage Rates

Fixed Mortgage Rates More than 50% of Canadians have fixed mortgage rates, which means the monthly payment stays the same over the full term. You are protected against fluctuating interest rates, so it can set up and you don’t have …

Mortgage Calculators

How much interest can you save on your mortgage? The Mortgage Payment Calculator helps you determine how much interest you save or how much of a mortgage payment you can afford with just a slide or a dropdown. How Mortgage …